Why do employers lie during interviews!? Because they can get away with it?

This is my second job after graduating where the job was falsely advertised and misrepresented. I absolutely hate this, it hurts people's careers.

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    Glassdoor them.
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    Nobody is gonna tell you beforehand that you will have to rescue kind of shitty project with forty eight years old codebase of 10k loc in one file under extreme pressure and yet this is the job most of the time.
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    @horus that's right - expect the worst. Unless employer is very open about what you're going to do, but hey, it's only a moment away from fairy tale.
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    What kind of lies? A shitty project does not hurt career much. Must be something different.
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    @hjk101 you are correct, shitty projects do not hurt the career, it's everything else.
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    @magicMirror Glassdoor is next to useless, like Amazon reviews. Every employer is bombed by people who write uncritical, unthoughtful reviews like:

    "Grate place to wokr. Good benefits, work life balance"

    I also worked at a previous employer who would stage mandatory team-building events, feed us, butter us up, and remind us to write reviews ("good or bad") after we'd had a few beers.
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    Any crowdsource system can be gamed like this.
    Try to beat it by writing an actual review.
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    @magicMirror My one trick that makes review sites hate me is to focus only on the negative reviews and see if they have anything in common lol
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    Usually it's incompetence of recruiters
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