After going head to head with the boss in public

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    Not the smartest way to get a severance package
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    Meh. Would you want to work for someone with such a fragile ego?
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    If he can bad mouth your work publicly but you can't respond, thanks but no thanks.
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    @atheist I honestly don't think It's a hurt ego thing. Not by this guy at least. I think Elon was either upset over being forced to finish the twitter deal or he did it for stock manipulation of some sort.

    I'd advise most engineers there to be ready to jump ship unless Musk starts putting money into the system fast. I mean feelings aside and personal political opinions aside. He has to have an end goal, he proposed the twitter deal long ago and only backed off once he didn't get the info he wanted. To me it sounds like he just wanted to take a peek, but got caught and forced to go with it. Which makes me ask, what was his original plan? Imo it was either for publicity, I think he does a lot of shit because of that. Or maybe because he was interested in the social network segment. There has to be an end goal with money in it
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    Best guess right now, he is first going to stir shit up by making noise, and then settle down comfortably on a new service he owns with a Community that either backs him up or doesn't care about him. Which is the people that will stay behind.

    A good bet would be to back his words about twitter being full of bots and acting like hebis actually trying to clean Twitter up and make it respectible. That may be a smart move, but i don't think this is what he is after
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    After reading the response from him to Elon I believe Elon musk was very thin skinned, the guy answered his questions legitimately and proposed a solution like any engineer would.
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