If you all weren't pretending to still be here which I wonder if you all are, what would you all do if I suddenly didn't care about anything at all ? Kind of curious because it is hard.
Since you know there are people even breeding small children to slake the lusts of garbage motherfuckers who have STDs ruining one generation after another and that's just another nail on my cross holding me up while your fake asses pretend to give a damn about the patriarchy and preferred pronouns and all that other bullshit

Or continue this COVID 19 masquerade

Wtf ?

Do you not all feel even a little stupid yet ? Even just a little like monsters ? Even just a little bit ashamed ? Or when you're being beaten to death in your dotages by teenagers for being pedophiles in wheelchairs is what it will take ?

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    Pretty sure I know the answer since increment the counter heh
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    I think your mental problem is that you think you write coherent things but in fact it is barely more meaningful thsn lorem ipsum.

    You are not the first insane person with messiah complex, you are not unique. I highly doubt that hou have a frend but if you have, ask them what your ramblings mean to them.

    Or give us links to internet pages that align with your world view so we can read it from proper sources.

    But please, do not respond with cryptic lorem ipsum response. If you talk like this in real life, you would be rightfully locked in an asylum.
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    I actually have COVID right now lol. It's ok, no major symptoms, high fever for two days, enough coughing that my throat hurts like hell and some dizziness, but today I'm feeling better!

    still, not sure what you mean by masquerade
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    You need help, mate..
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    @Hazarth that's the flu you idiot
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    @JoaoOliveira85 please die and where the hell did this it come from ?
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    @AvatarOfKaine Well

    1) The Ag test says otherwise, the flu doesn't trigger Ag tests, so there's a clear biological distinction

    2) The flu feels different, you don't think I never had a flu do you?

    Nah, this is covid. I don't fear either, the flu nor covid so it doesn't really matter to me which one I have tbh.
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    @Hazarth could you imagine if COVID was a minor disease that did exist that was spread like the us gov spread the flu years ago and wasn't at all life threatening that just accompanied some symbolic idiocy and was exaggerated as life threatening to explain deaths from other sources?
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    @AvatarOfKaine covid wasn't life threatening because it's a dangerous virus. It was life threatening because it was a *new* virus with high infectibility.

    It's not a problem to treat a few ten thousands of people at the same time for a flu-like virus, the problem is having to treat hundreds of thousands of people *at the same time* for a flu-like virus. It's the "waves" that were dangerous, the lack of resources, not the virus itself. The virus was only dangerous because there weren't enough resources to manage it. It was always predictable that once it spreads completely, it will be much more managable, but without organization at the time of first spread, it would hit everything and everywhere hard. Any amount of slowdown was good to let the hospitals and employees breath a little. This would be true for any new infectious viruses that spread at a high rate. It's a problem cause you suddenly have people coming in in hordes
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