Microsoft.. MicrobrainedSoftware-devs.

SamsungCloud died out and was replaced with OneDrive automatically. Alright, my data is still backed up, so.. No biggie.

OneDrive was syncing my pics and videos automatically, even though media sync is disabled. Umm.. Okay?

My phone is constantly very low on free space [idk why], so I decided to clean up some old photos. I'm removing and removing, until I reach photos with a cloud and an arrow replacing their content. Hundreds of spoiled pics that do not open. And in info their path is /OneDrive/*. Umm.. Wat?

Open mydrive website, log in only to be greeted by a fully loaded onedrive webapp covered by a non-removable modal 'we have an app for this. Use app'. Wtf?? Just let me disable the modal and use the webapp!! Wtf!

Open onedrive app. I'm greeted with a red warning that I've exceeded my storage limits and my account is frozen and my files will be deleted in June '23. WTF????? A heads-up would be nice!!

The popup lists my options:
1. Unfreeze the account for 30days, but I can only do that once. If after 30d I'm still exceeding my limits, my acc will be again frozen w/o an easy way to unfreeze.
2. Once unfrozen [takes ~24hrs], I can either
2.1 pay 7€ to M$ monthly for 1TB of storage in onedrive
2.2 remove my files from OD and my phone [since even if media sync is disabled, OD app is still syncing my media]
what the actual fuck?!?!? M$ is now keeping hundreds of my photos on my phone hostage.

Go F* yourself!

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    Tl;dr; MS is holding files on my phone hostage, threatening to delete tgem unless I pay 7€/mo.

    Microsoft Ransomware
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    So Samsung sold your data to Microsoft so they can hold it for ransom
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    Totally sucks... Don't trust "free" cloud services. Never have and never will

    And yeah, tedious but always offline backups and archiving. It's why I have still DVD roms to archive to.

    I wish I hade long term tape drives...
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    That sounds like ransomware with extra steps.
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    Well samsung did announce it a long time before. But it was a really unappreciated move from them to partner with microsoft. Imo just use and sdcard or ur own backup server (which is really not that difficult)
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    They have a support. I think this is a bug and not wanted.
    You could download the photos to your phone. Connect it to a pc or so and copy them over. Delete them in one drive and copy them back from the pc.
    So the hostage is easily rescued.
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    @KDSBest I could try that, sure. But it doesn't change what it is - a rescue operation. And a risky one, as, if my memory serves me, I think I've seen a heads-up that if I remove a file in OD, it will be auto-deleted in my phone. Soooo.. There's still a risk to lose my data if I'm not careful enough while saving it from MS Ransomware
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    no such thing as a free lunch
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    @joewilliams007 @KDSBest but you know, it's cooler blame ms for everything here
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    @dontbeevil It is fair to blame whoever took a working setup and broke it
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    @netikras so samsung decide to deprecate his service, replace it with onedrive (standard)... And it's ms fault, makes sense /s
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    @dontbeevil well it's not samsung who deleted my files, is it? And I did not see anything about locking my files on my device due to lack of free space in the cloud last time I read onedrive tos. Did you?

    Do you deem it normal to lock files that were not supposed to be moved [only copied into cloud as a backup]?

    Whose fault would you say that is? Mine? I'd really like to hear HOW ;)
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    @netikras try to upload more file than the limit on any other cloud service and let me know how it goes 🙂
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    @dontbeevil well, it says I cannot upload, because there is not enough space available. But none of the files IN MY COMPUTER have been deleted.

    What's the conclusion here? Am I ,issing smtg obvious here? Are you saying that if I fill up all my GDrive my whole *laptop's* disk will become corrupted until I pay google for additional gigs, and that is normal and expected?
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    @netikras mmm I read you rant again and I noticed that I missed some details, I thought you were referring to the files uploaded to the cloud, not the one on your phone... but still something is not clear:
    1- I heard that OneDrive replacing Samsung cloud was a manual operation, not automatic
    2- Anyway to use OneDrive you should have created a MS account
    3- If you can see the arrow and not the photo from other apps, to me looks like you deleted your local picture after it was uploaded to OneDrive and than OneDrive cannot download the cloud version because is frozen

    looks like some bugs, my suggestion is temporary uninstall OneDrive app, unfreeze the account, login to OneDrive from the PC browser, download everything and back it up somewhere else
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