That moment when you struggle and write an amazing backend logic and your manager only looks at the frontend/UI and tells you it is okay. The struggle doubles when you try and explain him the backend logic and he just ignores you...what a day!!(No offense to amazing frontend developers out there)

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    Yeah of course but sometimes the struggle to make it work is not appreciated!
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    What if your UI is beautiful but your server code is bullshit? Well your application is useless and possibly dangerous for its users. So, only what the customer sees matter huh?
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    @hiteshd45 working in dev is like working on finance - people only pay attention to what you do when you fuckup.

    That's something you just need to accept. No non-dev is EVER going to come praise you for your awesome back-end code.
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    @GigaMick...hahaha well said!
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