Every day I read people ranting about their jobs here, well, when i read this, I am thankful I still have a job:

Massive layoffs: Meta, Twitter, Amazon, Zillow, CNN, Tesla
Stopped hiring: Google, Microsoft

Is a butterfly effect, let's see how many of us will reach, then you can rant about having an "stressing" life

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    Have job -> rant about it.

    Cannot find job -> rant about it.

    Fool-proof logic ⚙️
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    Not sure if all the 'words' are true, but what were they thinking ? Like 'hey, I can work at meta, twitter and just look busy, no one will notice...'

    I sometimes check on github their repositories.

    Like google has one called 'Mangle'. 4 contributors, one from google (I think)

    Why ? Seems like a lot are just creating some proof of concept stuff.

    Still wondering what all those people actually do...
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    Good to be thankful but this is devRant after all, that's what it's made for. Also, there is always a worse situation, but it doesn't mean you don't complain about the issues that exist
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    Eh, loosing a job aint that stressful, been there, done that
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    @Hazarth Think depends on financial responsibilities and how dependant you were on the job at that stage, different for everyone
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    Middle class has been dying for years
    Soon it will be laborers and people pretending to work after a long glorious career of giving hand and oral favors
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    ... oh.. wait
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