Pale pretty long haired Asian women will always be like cats to me. Pretty kitties I want to nuzzle and pet and cuddle because they are so cute 😁

Apparently I've never interacted with shrill bitchy nagging ones. Thank God for small miracles.

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    Ps some incredibly large plot holes in Dexter
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    Certified @AvatarOfKaine rant ❤️
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    @PonySlaystation funny how my critics become my fans
    Would be more positive rants like this if these people would go back into hiding their queer shit instead of migrating the used up adults into their queer shit then I wouldn't have to remember all this horrid crap
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    @AvatarOfKaine "A bit of gay is okay,
    a bit of bi is for thee,
    a bit of straight, that's too late.
    The future is queer. Who needs to procreate when you can just rim a dude and live in the moment?
    Call me the AntiAvatarOfKaine."

    This is how you sound to me and I find it positively entertaining. 😊
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    @PonySlaystation I'm not saying queer as in homosexual you realize
    Though they hide among homosexuals or used to
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    @PonySlaystation there was actually a bit of a joke there too

    Most of the flamers ended up being Chomos because the homos were happily in the closet or still acted like people lmao think they caught on unfortunately
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    @PonySlaystation although a lot of them were boy rapers and do like to make heterosexuals uncomfortable hell even bisexuals by trying to hide women or only present crazy ones sometimes
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    @PonySlaystation they're probably as wrecked as you are. Why'd you comment the same ?
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