Going on a school camp where all the students in the school go.
2 nights and 3 days, planning to bring my laptop and my phone to make games there. (poor 15yo)

Any ideas not to be seen to the teachers? My loyal friends wont tell it because i promised to bring some old android devices for them to play games.

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    be present in front of the teachers but code on your phone.
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    Unity doesnt work in phone...
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    Just enjoy the damn camp.
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    @ThomasRedstone nah, everything in the plan is boring...
    1. Make team name
    2. Play hide and seek
    3. Go on a trekking (only one that looks fun)
    4. Dance time
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    @CozyPlanes #4 with the ladies. Just go play truth or dare with a bunch girls, it ends well for you with a bit of luck.
    Dev can wait, theese opportunities can't, because you have tp build up your confidence to do stupid shit with girla, or you'll be forever one like me.
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    Yeah really, enjoy the camp, do shit and have fun. I live for computers, but I do like to enjoy life one in a while. And some things you can't do over in life, childhood is one of them. If programming suits you, you will be doing it enough at a later stage of life.
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    If you say you have some "loyal friends" there, hang out with them and have fun. I know way too many programmers that never go out, have a beer, go to a party, make out with some girl, have a fun movie night with friends or anything like that. But that's what's fun about being young, so enjoy spending time with friends and have fun together. Leave all that stuff at home and just sneak out at night and have fun outside!
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    @DjSall @micfort @lulebe great, thanks! ( against the rules to play with girls due to that some sexual activities can be made... )
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    @micfort @lulebe welcome to devRant!
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    @CozyPlanes it is always against tge rules.
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