Anything i try in this life, it fails. I have done hundreds, and have 0 successful projects. When someone asks me "what have you done in these 1/4th of a century existing on this useless floating space rock?" ...... I have nothing to say. It would appear as if I've done Nothing. I have nothing to showcase of projects because its not running live on production. It's all on private repositories. The more i try the harder i fail. I am energy drained. I am uninspired. I am unmotivated. Seeing how some 19 year old NOBODY kid just comes out of nowhere, makes NFT project, scams people for millions of dollars and haves fun in his life and doesnt have to work anymore, is fueling me with RAGE. This is starting to become madness. Am i having too high goals and ambitions and that's why i percieve myself as if im unsuccessful? But how is that possible if a 19 year old nobody is capable of becoming a multi millionaire by scamming people in web3? If i lower my goal expectations, then I have no reason to live. I wouldnt care if i die tomorrow or continue living. I wouldnt bother looking left right while crossing the road because I Do Not Care. What must i do to succeed just Once and meet my goals and expectations? I dont understand. I hate life. Life is empty and meaningless. I have became a Nihilist and i believe in that religion more than anything. It makes no sense that someone scams millions by doing jack shit at a young age while someone struggles and tries hard his whole life and still isnt successful even 0.01% of what the 19 year old is. IT. IS. NOT. FAIR.

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    Found your problem, fix that.

    > It's all on private repositories.
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    I don't know, but it never bothered me that scammers get money quick.

    First, Im never going to betray my morals to become rich

    Second, being rich isn't really a good life goal. It's very shallow imo. I want money, obviously. But I don't need to earn millions in exchange for being a low life.

    Maybe Im wrong, but it seems like your frustration stems from being jealous and impatient. Building something worth while takes a life time and being 19 is just your start line. Forget the quick money. Do something actually fun with your life. If you have to work for it, you'll appreciate it even more.
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    @Hazarth Merry Xmas and thanks for being a good bloke. Wishing you continued success and happiness in 2023.
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    @spongegeoff You too mate! Merry xmas
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    Don't give up on your private projects. The key is to be consistent. (Also telling myself this)
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    Futility is futile.

    Start small. Like super small wins. Set goals and complete them. You'll build success one block at a time.
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    I have have been thinking about this concept/area in different stages of my life and I break it down to these “concepts”.

    In my personal opinion life comes down to defining what you want to do in a day/week. What does an enjoyable ideal day/week look like to you?

    People make their choices based on their values. When we grow up we get fed with the values and ambitions of our parents. But those get transformed/discarded as soon as we start discovering our own.

    The things that happen in our life can be effected by our or others ability/inability to do actions or stay idle, either way things will happen as time passes.

    People who scam other people for their own gain are devoid of some values which drastically changes their choices catalogue. I tend to think it as something you have that they don’t, and might never have. As for those who say just do “fun”, resources are sometimes limited and “fun” needs resources 99% of the time.
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    We are in a world where the good guys don't win.
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    You're now poor and unhappy. Is it your goal to become rich and unhappy? Focus on solving the unhappy part. Your life is worth more than the money. Who knows, you may even be doing better than the NFT guy.
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    Scaming people t make you rich but I bet they are even more empty inside than you feel and they try to fill that and probably fail.

    As for finishing, I have long had similar problems, the solution was to start solving code challenges with a time limit. That way you need to skip refactoring and similar and just get things done.

    After awhile you can use that practice in real projects to first get things working and then clean up the results.

    As for life goals, I think I only really found that at the age of 28 so you can still beat my time :)

    And still have 3/4 of you life left to enjoy it watching the scamming kid end up in jail or as an addicted garbage bag.
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    I feel you that it sucks some scammers might have just retired but some successful ones are either addicted to the scam or living destitute or in a criminal org where they have to do it. So you are trying to synthesize inputs from outcomes which is like trying to un bake a cake.

    You have to live your life based on your inputs and see what outcomes you can achieve
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