Who else here smokes weed through the day (WFH) when the work for the day isn’t that cognitively demanding? Like updating config files, raising a PR, or doing some silly RnD etc.

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    I would be constantly afraid tbh
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    Would never touch the poison :)
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    @Voxera Ohh cmon I’m tryna feel less guilty ;)
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    @Anakata do whatever you like.

    But consumption during work is a no no.

    It's an illegal substance in most countries - and even if prescribed for medical use, it depends on the work contract and laws.

    But as another perspective.... Subjectively: Don't fuck up your lungs. Be it THC, vaping, smoking, ...

    Once they're fucked, the damage is done and irreversible. Live quality will suffer tremendously. Speaking here from own experience.
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    @IntrusionCM Thank you for concern about my health. But for another viewpoint, Cannabis is a stimulant, depressant, and a hallucinogen all in one. It can benefit your life exponentially (especially as a programmer) from introspection and self correction to creativity, rational thinking, morals and viewpoints on life. It is an incredible tool and truly a gift to have something like it available. It is a matter of self control.

    If nature is illegal then freedom does not exist.
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    Be careful, you might end up founding the next Atari
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    @Anakata my comment was written misleading. Primary concern is smoking - which is why I mentioned vapes / smoking.
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