You people suck
Good morning

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    Thanks, you too ♥
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    I really want you to be ok. :)
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    You need a change of scenery or something.

    If you can't actually go anywhere new, try rearranging your living area or using a different font in your IDE. Just do something different.

    Monotony and lack of a variety of input will drive a person crazy.
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    If you like insulting people, become a comedian or a professional dominatrix/dominator (might also help in making people actually suck).
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    @cuddlyogre you wouldn't say that if you were in this position
    It's just a matter of firstly time
    Secondly certain pieces of shit ceasing to try to turn every beautiful thing into something shitty
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    @Oktokolo shut up worm lmao
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    @AvatarOfKaine I can assure you, I have experienced most kinds of insult and injury a person can.

    To be perfectly clear. I am not saying "get over it". That phrase is as much of an insult as whatever might have happened to you. But it is vitally important for you to learn how to live with what happened.

    That's why I suggest modifying your environment. It helps renew your mind and detaches you from your past and gives you that much more energy to deal with today.
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    @cuddlyogre well right now the issue is dumb hypocritical homos
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    @AvatarOfKaine I empathize with your tales of woe. I wish you the best, truly, so that you can escape the hell you're living in.
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    @cuddlyogre but hey your words touched me
    How bout an extra large coffee with a big black stir stick ?
    Did I get that right?
    I don't normally speak this dialect of "English"
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    @cuddlyogre awww so sweet
    You melt my icy damaged heart and soothe this malfunctioning crazy brain of mine that only plays one albums worth of content from the same fucking author and genre
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    Make sure you interpret that correctly Zimmerman
    I know you people tend to make everything mean something else dependent on audience
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    @AvatarOfKaine That's the spirit.
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    @Oktokolo I wish your heart had human emotions
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    @AvatarOfKaine Your wish has already been granted.
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    @Oktokolo I wish my heart had human emotions
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    @AvatarOfKaine Judging by what you write, that wish has definitely been already granted too.

    You certainly don't lack emotions - or "demons" (the non-spiritual version) causing them. How to deal with them depends on the causes and your "wiring". Sadly, that isn't an exact science (yet?)...
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    @Oktokolo well i tell you, that if these people would just leave the world alone when everything is happy and allow things that are glitchy to remain fixed, we'd all be happier.

    they just tend it seems to need all this drama and unhappiness and that is backwards.

    they mistake perhaps boredom, combined with their emotional and mental sickness with a need for things that are extremely unfortunate and unhappy, and instead of confronting their problems and personal defects they embrace them.

    I for example want to live peacefully.

    I really do.

    In earlier times when surrounded by people who continuously made me angry and when feeling the pull of my maleness, and having been exposed to the military, I wanted or thought I wanted differently.

    But I found I'm more happy with all these negative influences absent from my life, but I cannot see the point or the appeal in everyone living in a circle and being expected to relinquish everything that forms a record of the past
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    @Oktokolo I feel that I am preaching to deaf people as well.

    They still drive around with these weird, creepy, disgusting laughing looks growing fatter and fatter and older and older and uglier and uglier.

    Its like a waxworks museum of oddities.

    Of course this passes.

    And less... freakish, people make appearances, once the traveling carnival moves on.

    But personally do not want a single moment to be spent in this idiotic sideshow of freaks.

    And saying 'don't talk about it' is stupid.

    These arbitrary rules, are stupid.

    And personally i feel if these people were sooooo knowledgeable about what gets them and other people ahead they'd all be much better off by now.

    There wouldn't be repeat stories about someone walking by behind them and stabbing them once in the back randomly and then walking away smiling at a camera.

    I'm tired of all this bloody fucked up bullshit personally,.
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    @AvatarOfKaine Most often, we can't change the others. But we very often can limit our exposure to them. Avoid the people you hate and seek the people you like.

    The general systemic stupidity of society is just something you can accept or not - doesn't really matter and doesn't really change anything. It is rather easy for me to just accept it as fallout of human evolution. There are neither devils nor saints - just neuronal networks evolved over millions of years and trained on their own sensors' inputs their entire life.
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    Oh well fuck it
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    @Oktokolo sigh and now years later how about a update
    Even the evil little fucks from not be long ago look like their brains were sucked out yet still
    They compound their totally irredeemable status by lying about things that are so .... Basic

    I mean basic humanity
    Basic social grace and goodness traded for in essence their own destruction

    Am I missing something ?
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    @Oktokolo I mean I figure because some are fucking disgusting simpletons

    But like everything is all degraded and uncomfortable and ugly now

    What did they gain by being garbage ?

    The weird ugly super pedo people in their bland thick glasses with their weird annoying gay attitudes in many cases...

    I mean do they hate cleanliness and beautiful things so.much ?
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    @AvatarOfKaine the by far dumbest and most hypocritical person here are you.

    as for "homo": don't know your preferences, don't care, don't judge.

    but since you're using it as an insult, it's just another indicator for you being a terrible person.

    by choice.
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    @tosensei *prays the homo away*.... still here ?

    thanks god.
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    @AvatarOfKaine Yes, you miss something quite elementary: Almost everyone (most likely including you and definitely including me) believes that what they believe or do is the right thing to believe or do.

    If humans see themselves as believing or doing the wrong thing for long enough, they develop all sorts of psychological and physical symptoms. As absurd as it sounds, convincing oneself into accepting things one can't change is actually biologically healthy behaviour - if it works.

    People dying earlier reproduce less, so the genes that survived highly favor the evolution of minds that are pretty damn good at coping and making themselves believe that what they think and do is right and just.

    So humans do what they do because they believe that it is right to do so. They might not have belived so from the start - but if they didn't stop after years, they probably do.
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    @Oktokolo actually quite a few people derive excitement from doing things that are thoroughly immoral, unnecessarily cruel, twisted and perverse.

    example is all these folks who watch kids for so long as their being trained and sold into slavery like the ones i'm watching right now.
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    @Oktokolo meanwhile, i just signaled at the camera to indicate this happened more than once.
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    @Oktokolo anyway as I said previously.

    why not just send me somewhere else before i end up retaliating ?
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    @Oktokolo see i don't believe my presence dissuades anything but in the open abuse and sexual misconduct.

    and it didn't always of course...

    the last time they tortured me by putting me in a situation I couldn't fix, one of them ended up being used up and given multiple std's and left to work as some loser leather looking waitress in new mexico, another got the shit kicked out of them, another got his face crunched, another got tazed and kicked the shit out of.

    if i don't do the work myself because I can't I often witness the punishment.
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    @Oktokolo at the very least these creatures pretty much advertise themselves, but they always stop short of anything they can't just deny because they have 'proof' like a forged id, while everyone in an area lies.

    what a bunch of disgusting shit

    i'm so glad when they get murdered.
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