..to stop using TS/JS as my primary coding language. 🖖

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    It could be worse...I think.
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    I tried Rust, I think it's awesome, but man, do I miss rapid prototyping.
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    @Ranchonyx show me a TS project and I'll show you a TS project in extension only. Rarely have I witnessed a TS app that *actually* used typesetting completely.

    Not to mention the async await vomit everywhere.

    It's a shit standard imposed on a shit language. You're better off linting your project.

    Garbage in, garbage out.
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    I'm the happiest I have ever been using JS / TS especially with Deno!
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    @lorentz Yeah that's true. But in some cases I can honestly write Rust faster than other languages. Anything with complex iterators I'm *glad* I have a strict compiler :D
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    This... This is what gives me hope for the future. There are still humans alive under the JS, people. Don't write them all off. @ZaLiTHkA you inspire us. <3
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    Lol. I love the diversity of the responses..

    To be fair, I most likely won't stop using TS entirely... It does most definitely have it's place in the world, but it's also not the right tool for every job.

    I'm doing more and more mobile dev these days, but I do still create API services and desktop apps as well.. so, at the moment I think I'll go for Dart first, I've already dipped my toes in that pool and I like what I've seen so far.

    I have looked at Rust enough yet to form my own opinion of it.. very curious about it though, so I'll do that one day, for sure.
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