My college organised some interview with a company, with the whole demn class. We went there, it was quite far away (50km) and the CEO invites us to a meeting room.

Where he bores me for 2 hours talking about their projects in argiculture and NSA like spying systems at tankstations.

They were caputuring license plates at gas stations and with that information gather data about the person, such as salary (by looking at their car), house adres ect. All without people knowing. And than targeting them with specific ads and offers.

The class of sheep were super excited but it pissed me off. Because he told it like it was some awesome advancement in technology that none of us could probably ever do.

He was demeaning us, saying we would do some simple wordpress sites there and other things. We are probably not good enough forc te big stuff.

Asking him some really hard questions about his projects made him so pissed he almost wanted to kick me out.

When it was finally over, there was some test that you have to do if you want to work there. If you were good enough at the test, you could!!!! (YEEY)

Uhm, I said; no thank you I dont want to work here.

Later I talked to my classmate and friend who always thinks he's better then everyone in class even tho he barely understands OOP programming. He was asking me if he should try to get the internship. I told him; dont. They have no value for us and they think they are the greatest company on the planet.

The fucking idiot go so pissed, he stopped talking to me alltogether and blocked me everywere. I AM NOT EVEN JOKING. Just because I gave my FUCKING opinon about a company he likes for no reason.

So this idiot does the test (which was fucking simple btw, I did it too and compared the results and I had 95%) He gets invited for another interview and gets told he will be paid 200 euro's per month šŸ˜‚. and a free meal everyday!! šŸ˜Ŗ hahaha . That doesnt even cover commuting costs!

My "friend" told him that the train costs more every day. You know what the CEO said? "Yeah but you can learn so much here the also brings value and you're just a last year student. But I think you are really brave for asking more"

So in the end, he couldnt take the internship and I was fucking right. Really I hate these kinds of companies thinking they are heaven on earth when they are clearly not.

I am happy I told them no before putting my dignity on thd line.

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    One day if you dont' build yours you'd work of one
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    @rajilsaj a company you mean?
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    @vacoup yes
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    @rajilsaj yeah I already do. Just not for some asshole lol ^_^
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    @vacoup you made up one #company
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    @rajilsaj what are u trying to say? šŸ˜‚
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    @vacoup you created your own company
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    @theScientist cuz they believe everything the teachers tell them without thinking about it.
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    @vacoup, if a CEO let's you get the feeling that they are the best then (at least in my opinion) he did his job just right. If not even the CEO thinks and acts like his company is the best and no one else can do what they do, who else should?
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    I think you made a good decision. If the company in question is against your morals and they support the fall in line, don't ask questions type of mentality, then you prob wouldn't stay long anyway. Hopefully this isn't your only option in your area!
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    @the0ne25 thats a good point, and yes I am used to companies doing that. But not that they are undermining me.
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    Now this is a nice rant. Thank God you didn't choose to work for the company and shame on your friend šŸ˜ƒ
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    @theScientist not listening to OP or just seeing what the company was doing — showing off. At least that's how I think it went and I know how that looks
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    Thanks for sharing. I'm so much glad to know more about it. LOL!
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