The most tedious part of my day is when WSL crashes. I then have to close my editor, shutdown WSL in cmd, start the editor again, open a terminal and start over. This happens 2-3 times a day.

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    In the accumulated time you spent restarting you could have already installed linux
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    @devRancid this is unfortunately a work laptop and that isn’t an option.
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    Holy shit I thought I was the only one.

    In the last two months WSL has been crashing so much I've plugged in a rpizero to ssh into.

    I mean it's always been a pile of shit, but at least I could count on it 80% of my day.
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    In that time you could have like installed Linux 50 times
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    I've been using it with Docker for my local dev and it's a pain in the ass. I wish I could use actual Linux on my work laptop, but nooooo, Windows 11 it is. *vomit*
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    It's for these very damn reasons that I go through the excruciating pain of setting up all Windows native solutions that don't require wsl. I know it is Broken as fuck.

    The Debian version on wsl 2 seems to be "Stretch" (oldoldstable) and if you thought distro upgrading it on thé spot was a solution you are so horribly mistaken...
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    Is a virtual machine an option? Or the Windows virtualization option? I thought Windows could act as a hypervisor. Or is that just WSL?
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    @Demolishun WSL is just a very complicated vm.

    Think of it more like Microsoft's version of containers.

    So, you're right. A VM should work, but it would be easier to just install Linux in a dual boot system.
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