So, I have joined this new company where I used to work few years back. Something happened before I rejoined, so no one is working there now except me. It's web agency run by my boss and I am the only employee working on over 7 projects including front end, back end, mobile, devops, and some marketing also.

Now, I got offers from couple of other series a funded startups who are willing to pay me 30% more salary. I know I will have less responsibility and more work life balance. But I hate the politics in those companies.

My current company is making good revenue but my boss isn't giving me the salary I am expecting.

He said it will take few more months to give me the salary I demanded.

I also want to build my own company and provide services someday. That's why I thought it'll be better to stick with the company so that I cam learn other aspects of the business.

So. If the company is making say over 200k usd a year and its paying me around 23k usd per year, isn't this kinda low salary for my experience, skills and value I bring?

How should I go about asking a raise?

Also, I don't wanna move to another big tech company. I hate coding questions in the interview as its been years I have prepared for a proper tech interview.

Also, how secure do you think my job is? Is there any future working here? Will I ever be able to reach a salary comparable to big tech companies?
Is it a good place be in right now? (i jave over 5 years of experience)

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    First think you should consider is that your boss is now paying you like 11,5% of the total revenue the company is making. Are those 200k pure profit ?

    Because renting space, hardware, all the legal stuff cost money.

    For reference, I get 0,33% of the total revenue...

    Sure, I could get more. But it will still be less that 0,5% (But we are with 150 people)
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    How much of the companies total income or profit do you expect to eat up?

    11% is a giant chunk of the company, especially if it's is only making 200k a year.

    For perspective, I work for a 10 digit company, and get about 0.0014% of total revenue as my compensation. (I did the math)

    I'm not on bad money, but the % is a wild difference between us 😆

    I think any one would want 11%.
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    Considering the percentage, that does sound a good deal. But in terms of actual salary, I am making a bit less compared to someone working at a bigger company with the same set of responsibilities.

    But I am sticking with the company hoping it'd be a good investment on myself for the future. I just wanted to know where I stand.

    But I guess you are right. I shouldn't complain.
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    At a bigger company with more employees, it doesn't make sense to eat up 11-12%
    But since I am the only employee without any other benefits. I was wondering where I stand.
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    @Oliver-T I understand that. But don't forget that you are the only employee (so bigger share)

    Like @COD4, I work in a company with figures above the 10M... (I also did the math)

    Keep in mind that your company only makes 200k per year. Your boss probably cannot pay like big companies.

    But I think you get more experience, are treated well. In big companies any dev at the corner can come in and take your place.

    So the big question is : Do you work only to get money or do you stand behind your boss, the product he sells and want grow with the company ?
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