Ok so I'm trying to focus on reading docs on a game engine to do some game dev

And wife busy disturbing
wife: come do this for me
wife: come sit with me
wife: come talk to me
wife: come massage me
wife: come do this to me

Its like a stream of endless error messages

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    Sounds like your wife wants a relationship.
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    Too many errors can lead to a DivorceException
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    I will atleast try to honour the massage request
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    You may implement rate-limiting on ur wife.
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    If you want to keep her, you'll need to find time for her.
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    You are new but will get used to it don't worry.
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    Looks like your wife is giving you a game of her own to play, better learn how to debug in real life!
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    Try restarting it or putting it in rice for 24 hours.
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    Take care of the wife, broman. Heed these words.
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    Never…and I cannot stress this enough…turn down an offer to be close to and establish a great relationship with your significant other. When you’re old and gray your code will not only not be there to comfort you, it will be long forgotten.
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    What happens when you pay attention to her I wonder lol
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    @Sid2006 haha wife throttling has a Texas ring to it lol
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    Run the program "wife mod" and disable the parallel tasks.
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