What's so great about Linux? Should I switch over from Windows?

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    try it out on a virtual machine first.

    for example with this distro
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    @heyheni Elementary is quite fun, my favorite distro so far. Very lightweight!
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    What's so great about windows?
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    @devdave good question haha
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    If have to ask - no.
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    It's a trap dude.
    Soon you will end up a distro junkie.
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    @devdave it's better....
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    Do it, setup Arch Linux on your main machine, you'll learn so much new things. You will never switch back to Windows if you succeeded. You could need some Arch Wiki Viewer for your smartphone.
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    And backup of all your data on a separate hard drive
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    I use both Windows and Linux. Dual booted my laptop. Both are good for their own reasons. I use Windows mostly (almost all softwares support Windows, it's easier to use. U don't have to open the console for most stuff). But nevertheless Linux is great. It's power and the customisations it allows. I use Linux to learn, code stuff and tweak the experience. They are becoming more and more friendly these days. Distro like Zorin even makes it feel like Windows. But always learn to get comfortable with the CLI. It's a life saver sometimes
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    U cant see its beauty until u really try it 😏
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    The graphics drivers always work! /s
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    it's magical
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