My home office, I have my own room for it, when I wanna take a break I can go and make meself some nice coffee. I can also have the TV on playing something for background noise, it helps me more than music for whatever reason. Mainly the office (which according to me I have seen that show about 40 times already)

This is why I really enjoyed the pandemic, but I realize that saying such things sound harsh.

The best fucking part of it? I get to use my own fucking clean restroom. I fucking hate public restrooms or having to share them with strangers because for whatever reason it seems that most people around the world do not have general etiquette when using restrooms.
I have seen some shit that has left me so fucking confused it ain't even funny. Second best part: no fucking commute.

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    I fully understand this, same here. The mere fact the place is yours and you can make it as you see fit makes it the best working place. I totally understand the restroom issue. I have seen too much shit there that I wonder if they do that at home as well...
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    @NeatNerdPrime well some people do more shit than others 😂
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    @NeatNerdPrime Same. There is an employee that works here in a different department, i dunno what his name is or what he does, but I will tell you why I stay away from him.

    Walked to the restrooms in his building cuz in mine they were full.

    Went to the last stall, opened the door and saw: shit in the toilet sit+ piss and some other nasty shit all over the floor. I could not believe it.

    So I left, but before I left the dude walks in, goes into that stall, closed the door and just sat down.

    I stood there in disbelief, just to hear him flush, whipe once and start opening the door. I left quickly and have never been able to look at that dude the same way ever since. This happens far too often.
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    I seriously relate with you. The people I wanna hang out with are not my colleagues. I can make lunch at my ease instead of early in the morning. My coffee breaks don't involve running into people. My lunch doesn't involve small talk.

    And the comfort and cleanliness of my own restroom is unmatched.

    I had a colleague once who always left the toilet unflushed and it stunk up the whole restroom. Couldn't use it anymore.
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    @AleCx04 unholy shiiiiiit
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