I have been using 10 sick days since I had sth… I can use 5 more days legitimately and even 10 more dishonestly. What to do?

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    move to a country with better health insurance?
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    crazy, that there are countries with the concept of limited sick days..

    If you're sick, you don't work, it's that easy.
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    Don't get sick, I guess
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    @tosensei what is it about healthcare? I am talking about making excuse just not to work and hc will pay it already.
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    @thebiochemic couldn’t be more wrong. There is limit in every country if you don’t provide valid paper from doctor, even in Germany.
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    You can always resign, then you have a lot of free time.
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    @electrineer sometimes i think of that. We mostly are primed to work continuously and it is hard to explain you needed a break to potential employers.
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    @aviophile yes, i agree that after a limit you have to have a confirmation of the doctor. I hear a lot of people complain, that they can only have X amount of sick days regardless of that, which is straight up stupid.
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