The company I’m in just implemented micro managing.
Time to say goodbye and fuck you!

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    Lemme guess time tracking? Or daily standups?
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    Some people love to be micromanaged and slaved away.
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    Could u elaborate more on this please? There are many levels of micro-management and I wanna know ur experience.
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    @topsecret230 @Sid2006
    We already had time tracking and stand ups, now they want additional reports “alignments” every 2 days
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    @aaronswart Shit man. My experience with micro-management is that the whole office wasn't supposed to say "Good morning everyone". We were instructed to say "Good morning Team" as it was more in line with the company culture
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    @aaronswart damaging to the point the production output is halved as soon as you introduce micromanaging, I daresay…

    @Sid2006 criiiiinge!

    Just for fun, a recap of today:

    Manager: “we created this meeting because we need to release today, so we need to remove the blocking stuff for your tasks so you can work faster and…”

    Me: “I asked you to remove <redacted> from us 3 months ago, we spoke to the CTO, you still didn’t do it. Please if you want to make our stuff faster remove that limitation.”

    Manager: “If YOU can’t work with that limitation fine, but this meeting is not about that, it’s about stuff that is not making you work right now.”

    Me: “so it’s a recursive meeting?”

    Manager: “so this meeting is all that is preventing you from working?”

    All devs: *duh face*

    Manager: “good, then we have removed all the blockers, great job team”
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    @aaronswart I bet he didnt come up with that weird glancing techniques himself.

    I bet he red it in some toxic office politics book and was experimenting on you. In one workplace I was being micromanaged by a manchild in his late 20s. Since I was the only dev under him he did lots of weird shit and power moves/mind games (for example publicly looking at his watch if Im back from a lunch break 5 minutes late). Or trying to gaslight and made me second doubt my every decision.

    When I was quitting after 8 months of this bs he revealed to me that he was just intimidated by my IT background(the guy had only management background and was my IT teamlead) and strong work ethic and he experimented on me the techniques he red in some microsoft book about office politics.

    That patronizing toxic motherfucker. Didn't even know how to use GIT, was copypasting folders of a desktop app project labeled by new version number.
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    @piratefox classic delusional manager living in his parallel universe lol
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