Lamer rant

For a really long time I said to myself that this is too basic to rant about but lately it became so frequent and extreme that here is my rant about completely clueless users that ask me IT related questions.

Disclaimer: Said users are people that I generally can't avoid. Distant family members, neighbors and etc.

Case 0:
U: I don't know what's happening!! The computer doesn't work!!
M: What do you mean?
U: There's no Facebook! And everything is stuck and no messenger!!!
M: The WiFi on your laptop was off. I turned it on. Still, this doesn't mean that the pc wasn't working.
U: I don't understand this shit!!!

Case 1:
U: I hate this computer!!! It never works!!! Help meeee!!!
M: What now?
U: Where did the internet disappear?!
M: (assuming it's wifi or browser related)
Actually user moved the Chrome window to bottom-right corner and lost it.

Every time I try to show the user how I resolve the issue the user yells that there are too many steps, that they are complicated and that I'm a bad teacher and doing it too fast.

Case 2:
U: My computer is so slow! It barely can load google translate! And I can't listen to music on youtube!! Shitty laptop! It's you! Your computers in the apartment drain everything!!!
M: You have no idea what you are talking about.
U: My husband told me that your computers are heavy and drain everything!
M: What exactly did he tell you that my devices drain?
U: I don't know! All the energy! I believe him! He knows!
M: My computers drain less electricity than your vacuum and I have a separate internet connection. Not only we share nothing but also I drain nothing.
U: Since you appeared all the computers are slow!!!!


Case 3:
U: I don't understand, where is my whatsapp?
M: You can't locate the app on your phone?
U: Yes! F*ck, help me! I'm so angry and I really need this NOW!!!
M: Shut up. I'm already here and helping.
(I open users phone and whatsapp is the active app...)
U: I can' t find my whatsapp with Clara!

F*ck you! F*ck you! Ghckjfshij!!!

Case 4:
(crazy hitting on my door)
U: I don't have THE internet!!!
It's you again! You took all of THE internet!!!
M: No, it doesn't work like that. Your provider is bad, your package is cheap and your cables are of low quality.
U: I need THE internet immediately!!! Stop playing with your typing and fix the facebook or I'll cut the power cables to the house!!

I can go on, just don't think that recalling all those events is healthy for me.

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    My iq is 98 and I code springs 😑😑😑
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    I lol'ed! Thx 4 that! ++
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    This made me cry.
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    Where are you buy the computer can drain all energy? I want one.
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    I like that u started the cases with 0...
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    Give us back the internet. You took the internet!
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    @mpourismaiel I would hold it hostage from them.
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    Mi phone is heating, you are overcharging the devRant! Stop charging the devRant with your zeros!
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    That's not normal behavior. This neighbor/family member has anger issues and should get anger management, for real.
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    Just stop helping them for (basically) free. When you cost something, they'll think twice if it's worth to call you. 😉
    It's a win-win for you: Less problems more $$$.
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    @wmhilton Yeah, the neighbor is a crazy women but she's also the landlord's wife.
    I will get a different apartment when possible.
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    @amateur64 if you have enough logic to efficiently code your IQ is for sure over 100.
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    @Noob He was joking I think.
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    @Quirinus As somebody who likes taking IQ tests and making colleagues do the same I can tell you that apparently many people take a shitty online test once, receive a horrible score and think that they are officially stupid.
    So he might have been serious. Gotta boost the mate's self confidence!
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    So you fired those interns? I was waiting for part III so eagerly!
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    There are always guy like that
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    It sounds exactly like the movie idiocracy
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    Nice rant!
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    @sachin38 oh mate, we had so many idiotic things happen that it's hard for me to write about them. You know, reliving everything. But I promisecthat I will write at leastvtwo more parts!
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