If you think you are smarter than the previous generation...

50 years ago the owners manual of a car showed you how to adjust the valves.
Today it warns you not to drink the contents of a battery.

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    Your hashtags gave me a terminal disease
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    Not sure I am smarter than my previous generation. But I am sure I am smarter than your generation. ;-)

    Seriously though, this is a good joke. Thank you!
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    The joke stands just because companies wanted to make more money by removing your ability to repair the car yourself.

    Try to find a service manual for a new car. Or try to replace headlamps on a BMW, just to find out you need to go to an official service, for them to serialize the part with the car's computer... It's a distopian nightmare
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    @retoor Be careful in bathroom 😉
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    Every next generation thinks they’re smarter. Every past generation thinks they’re wiser.
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