What are some iconic Windows Vista-era laptops? I need one for my collection.

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    Samsung X360 "lighter than air"

    There were also these awesome light on ram laptops but don't worry you can get a usb stick that will fix that laptops. Need to have at least one of those.
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    I only got as far as W95, even then the sound didn't work since the laptop was really for W3.11, but it had the most lovely pop-out thumb trackball, which was just a joy to use.

    Not seen that in any other laptop.

    Now if I could just remember the model number of the laptop..
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    8 minutes and 30 seconds in shows the trackball popup:



    £3000 Laptop from 1993 | Olivetti Philos 46 Color Plus


    All I had to do was remove it a little from the top of the wardrobe to see its model number. :-)

    Well, it might come in handy one day...
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    Anything Compaq i guess 🤔
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