Hi devs
So been working on a medical and healthcare digital platform and I'm thinking of having a 3rd part API
I created a google form for those interested in testing out and using the API when its release kindly fill in the form


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    Theres description on the form
    But basically allowes devs to build medical based apps and consume resource on the platform like doctors, user data, prescriptions etc
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    Because everyone wants their medical data on a random could service.
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    @Taqsblaz3 This... Doesn't sound like a good idea at all.

    Not meant to be harsh but I really dislike the idea of just some developer pushing the idea of using their API for medical records.

    How can I know you're not just scrolling through the database with popcorn on a Sunday evening?
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    Ooh well..... A little bit late to worry about that tho
    Some1 already doing that

    But I'm going to be working with a regulatory body soo thats not gonna happen
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    @Taqsblaz3 "I'm going to be working with"

    For me this translates to: "I'm currently not..."

    I don't know what county you're in but in my country you would already have broken several laws if that is the case.
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    As someone with a chronical disease...

    Idea of an electronic patient file: Yes, please.

    If you ever needed to run around with 80 plus of pages, 3-4 DVD roms and 13 pages plus of legalese for all the specialists regarding data protection etc... You can understand why. Not only does it make no fun, but it's also the kind of stuff that none foreign party should get. Yes, when traveling with that kind of information I always feel very uncomfortable, cause getting robbed could mean serious trouble. Or just bumping into someone from work...

    Might sound paranoid, but we're talking about - in simple terms - about detailed medical diagnosis, medical treatments, personal information like address / phone number / payment information etc. All kinds of things none should know except you and a doctor.

    Which brings me to the: Practically, no - part.

    Electrical storage, end to end encryption etc requires an technological background that no involved party has.

    Doctors are mostly dumb.

    Government is even dumber.

    Lobbyism just wants a cheap ass solution with possible profit margin by data mining.

    So no. I don't want the data that I feel already very uncomfortable with running around being stored by some chimpanzees who where hired by hyenas....

    Regarding the "I write an health API" stuff.

    Numerous times we have seen how this ends.

    Troup movements uncovered by GPS data of fitness trackers.

    Women who had to delete their period calendars because of law changes.

    Facebook or other apps leaking phone numbers of patients - as a doctor made the whoopsie to install a personal app for communication on a phone which contained the patients addresses....

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    If you were really interested in being a philantropist and making the world better, start by taking ethics and morale serious and don't throw half baked solutions around for very sensitive and private stuff.
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    @IntrusionCM Germany is very strong in that story
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    @IntrusionCM in my country there is a government standardised health platform that contains basically everything: surgery notes from surgeon, prescriptions, imagery, next appointments and so on.

    It's well organized and in government control. I can't speak of back-end security ofcourse but for the 6 years it has been in service there has not been leaks or fuck-ups so they're doing something right.

    I trust this 90% more than a random dev saying he made a platform. I'll never trust something I didn't write myself 100% but this sounds like a bad idea in general.
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    @PotatoCookie Would be interested to know the country... Sounds super, but my trust in government is ... Like nonexistent

    @electrineer Yes.
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    @IntrusionCM West-Europe, more I'm not willing to give away on a public forum.

    Anyways government distrust is a feeling I share, but random dev distrust is just a bit more abundant for me.
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    Well..... I dont think going to WHO and say "Hi i have an idea for a medical system lets work together" they will entertain that but if you go with a prototype they might So dont know what yall yeping about🤷🤷🤷
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    @Taqsblaz3 key point of a prototype that it isn't in production use. You already mentioned a dev would be using it so I am a bit suspicious.
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    Reread and get to understand my post
    I said devs would be able to use... I did not say devs are using it
    Which implies that its something not yet being used
    Correct me if my english is wrong
    Its a foreign language where I'm from
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    @PotatoCookie if you had opened the google form and understood the description you wouldnt be casting misinformation like this
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    @Taqsblaz3 I misunderstood your message then "Some1 already doing that". Sorry for the casting shade, please follow guidelines and regulation in your region, medical data is important and somewhat sacred in IT security.
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    I know and will take your advice though I already have a local partner workin on a medical system as well and planning on working with WHO
    There will be NDAs and Data sharing regulations
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