Fuck apple, and fuck xcode.
Making and running android app was a breeze.
Making and running ios app was hell.
Expectation : I should have gotten everything I need just by installing xcode and flutter.

Reality : I need to install these from the terminal : xcode command line tools, homebrew, ruby, cocoapods, firebase-cli. Also I need to manually add many stuffs, such as google login url into xcode project settings. Also we can simply test run our app or install to our device, and iphone we owned, we need to register in apple developer program, fill a full form, blah blah blah.

When it comes to android, I only need to register an account much much later, when I want to publish it to the playstore.

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    Also :

    $99 for apple dev account renewed yearly


    a one-time $25 for android dev account
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    It's painfully true, especially when transitioning from an Android development background to iOS. You'll notice that everything about iOS development setup, testing, and deployment is unnecessarily complex.
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    I’ve been learning SwiftUI and really like it. Swift is also fun.
    But their old storyboard setup is nightmare fuel, and just getting my app to run on my phone so I could test it was stupid slow. Really soured the entire experience.
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    @cho-uc i cant even afford being an apple developer 💀
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    It's painfully true
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