need a stock photo
go to getty images
damn, can't download without watermark, dont wanna pay them
well, let the AI generate it for me

The AI:

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    don't ask for whater mark removal, it will remove all the water and leave you with nude rocks ;]
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    stable diffusion supports negative prompts. I added “watermark” as a negative prompt, and the result was fine.

    still funny tho
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    @kiki last time that I checked, the resolution of the generated images was really small. Has it improved?
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    @Lensflare you generate a lowres pics and upscale them 4x
    Upscalers destroy text, yes, but ai is bad with text anyway
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    @Lensflare also you can use outpainting to create complex compositions
    Btw I think midjourney can generate hires pics
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