So I built one of them Auto GPTs using Open Assistant and Python.

Essentially I have two chat rooms with each representing a different agent and some python written to facilitate the api communication and share messages between those two. Each agent is primed with a simple personality description, expected output format and a goal. I used almost identical inputs for both.

It boils down to "You are an expert AI system called Bot1 created to build a simple RPG videogame in python using pygame."

So anyway, I made that, and let it run for a couple of iterations and the results are just stunning, but not for the reasons you might expect. The short story is that they both turned into project managers discussing everything and anything *except* the actual game or game ideas and in the end they didn't produce a single line of code, but they did manage to make sure the project is agile and has enough documentation xD.

Presumably I need to tinker around with their personalities more and specify more well defined goals for this to lead to anything even remotely useful, but that's besides the point. I just thought others might find the actual conversation as funny as I did and wanted to share the output.

Here's a pastebin of the absolute madness they went through: https://pastebin.com/0Eq44k6D

PS: I don't expect anyone to read the whole thing word for word. Just scroll to a random point and check out the general conversation while keeping in mind that not a single line of code was developed throughout the entire thing

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    this was fun af
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    Look at that sweet ass management! What will managers do now? These guys are gonna steal their jobs and charge a fraction of their salary!
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    I lost it when they started setting up discord channels 😂
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    Wtf does this has to do with the project?
    Goal: Attracting more women in the video game industry

    Reflection: Address gender imbalance, promote inclusive environments
    Seems like your bots are suffering from the woke bias in GPT and loosing focus.

    Maybe its for getting investments from DEI / ESG VCs? I wonder
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    @bioDan The bots were already thinking about how to not get cancelled on twitter! Such foresight!

    Also just for reference, this isn't using ChatGPT but OpenAssistant, which was trained on their own publicly collected data. I think ChatGPT is a little less... should I say "unfocused" and also it's answers have a lot less energy and feel more mechanical. So this project might've fared better if I used that, but then again, I'm not going to pay for an LLM so OA it is
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    It's interesting to see how the bots turned into project managers and managed to discuss everything except for the actual game or game ideas. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
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    So basically they impersonated two real managers
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