The only thing worse than client QA is client vendor QA.

I do QA for a company that does custom implementations of a major e-commerce platform. On one of my current projects, the customer has elected to outsource their UAT, and isn't willing to wait for the site (or even individual features) to be complete before starting testing, so I've been triaging a lot of silly tickets. But today took the cake.

This system allows users to save their credit card info. The vendor QA guy filed a ticket "reporting" that if he saved a cc with a given number, then created a new cc record with the same number but a different expiration date, the original record was overwritten, rather than a new record being created.

I just stared at the thing for like five minutes, gathering the mental strength to reply with something other than "you're an idiot."

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    Did you reply with you're an idiot, or did you have the strength?
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    Hopefully I managed to convey the message in a deniable fashion despite not actually using the words
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    @jbhelfrich You're a better man. I would have went in for the kill. He'd feel like he was getting his own celebrity roast by the time I was done.
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