Among my fellow developers at work, there is one guy who stands out because he actually strives to write modular, reusable and readable code. He literally saved me weeks of development by making his code modular enough that I can simply use it almost like a mixin where I only need to provide an alternative template. Note that the feature I'm talking about is for a pretty much sophisticated business process related to handling credit card data. Others in my workplace would just couple their logic tightly with their feature/scope's views.

I really wanna hug him and be his BFF now. #nohomo tho.

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    There's nothing wrong with being homo bro
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    @JsonC11 I know bro, just had to clarify so I don't get ruled out by the ladies :/
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    @fyzrn lol fair enough
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    could u plz send me his github profile so I can see his wonderful code 👏👏👏
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    @fyzrn I am going to remember that one Oo
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    Ruled out by the ladies? I think you are safe.
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    The sad thing is that he -should- be the norm, not the exception.
    I have been working for about 10 years since graduation and I have met about 5 coders of that caliber, the rest is more or less pure crap that only creates the fastest possible fix. Since "everyone" also moves on to another position/workplace so often, its almost always some other poor soul that gets to fix the fuckups of previous coders. Problem is that it's a way too big shortage of coders so that ppl that should not be coding still are.

    Where I live, large it-consult-firms have 3 months long "Learn to code and be a consultant" "educations", and then floods the market with crappy coders that dont know shit.
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    @bassebus true that! Most developers here like to brag about their code quality on their resumés, maintainable, well-documented, reusable, blah blah.. while in reality they don't give a shit about any of them. Some guy even named his variables in letters, x, y, z, etc. without describing what they stand for, and he dares say "I write code for humans" on his LinkedIn profile.

    But this guy.. he really walked the talk. Man, I love him.
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