Struggling to earn money to pay for medical bills for my dad at a private hospital because he's having some problems with bile in his stomach. He pukes after eating almost anything so he has to eat some dry bread and drink tea. The only solution for this is surgery. He made appointment for august which is the earliest date... I have to find a way to earn money asap so he can go privately Now without waiting...

No i cant use gofundme because its not available for my bullshit 3rd world country just like most services

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    And this surgery at a private hospital is only 1500€ ! We don't have this luxury of money because the Fucking salary of a software engineer in my country is $500-600 a month
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    Create an AI pokerbot. I'm fantasizing about this for a while
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    This is sad to read. Don't know what to tell you other then wishing you strength and your father the easing of the pain, hope the hospital clears up soon...
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    Which bullshit 3rd world country are you in?
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    Time to get overemployed
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    @b2plane Maybe this might be a possible route to raise money?

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    Sounds like gallbladder inad tho
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    Someone help me find a junior gig and I'll pay the whole bill first check. He's a DevRanter, hes one of ours.
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    @Wisecrack if you can do that I'll pay you back asap, waiting on may 15th for company to give me a job offer
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    @b2plane If I can I will. I think people might have thought the offer was tongue-in-cheek or just being nice. If I had a junior position open I'd interview you for it myself because the bump in pay between countries would probably be enough for you to cover it on your own, but visas take time to get.

    I'm really sorry to hear about the position your family is in. You think about doing a fund raiser?
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    If just 1/8th of devrant users donated 1 euro you would have enough! I would happily donate, is there anyone you trust in the west that could set up a gofundme on your behalf?
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    Ok so stomach issues is the favourite thing you worked on?
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    @hjk101 not favorite. It's necessary
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    There's lots of ways to make money but the legal ones take time.

    Have you tried getting a loan from a bank?
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    @lungdart have you tried starting a bank?

    seems about the same level of difficulty.
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