You know what really bugs me? How movies show people hacking into something with the terminal and all the matrix code but its really not like that.

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    @maltedMilk exactly
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    Or when the "hacker" is typing frantically while there is some badly rendered 3d environment on the screen, that he is shouting at.
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    Or when it takes just 5 seconds to "hack" into government systems, or any other system for that matter
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    @Melzuk government, maybe, highly secured fortune 500 company? Not so much
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    Navy cis and all those crappy us crime series, where some one just on thr fly creates a programm to analyze tons of data very with a cool smooth visualisation. Just to find out who killed that homeless crackhead on the train station. Not realistic because such cases are not really investigated that much at all.
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    I once had a good laugh when I realised the "hacker" was just typing commands like ls -la and htop in multiple terminals 😂
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