Hey guys,

What books had the biggedt impact on how you live your life, conduct your business, the way you code or make decisions?

I'm reading "Zero to One" for the second time now and love reading it all over again.

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    That was me but i had no tags and didnt really like the way I formulated the question, I wasn't allowed to edit the Post anymore. My apologies.
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    @kp15 You should man, self-cultifation is important if you wanna keep challanging yourself:)
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    Mine are:

    Meditations - Marcus Aurelius
    Antifragile - N. Nicky Taleb
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    @kunashe Many thanks, ill check those out.
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    Douglas Adams - Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy
    Approach everything in life with good humor
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    @Yevko Yes! Awesome message that I also live by. Awesome book as well:)
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    @kunashe those books seem really heavy. I just ordered "meditation".
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    @japsel Meditations is quite light - half the book is commentary from someone who thinks they know better what the General thought.

    It's a fabulous book. I keep it by bed side and read it when my tendencies for bullshit start to get to out of hand.
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    @kunashe Sounds lovely, haven't even started the book but the author is already getting on my nerfs, bit since you have it next to where you sleep it must be more than bearable:)
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    The 48 Laws of Power

    The Pragmatic Programmer

    How to Win Friends and Influence People
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