I have just seen a Garand with forward assist in my dream.

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    Operating a Garand doesn't have to be a nightmare. It is a nice rifle and you can easily avoid getting the infamous "Garand Thumb" ruining your nail if you load it correctly:

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    @Oktokolo I mean I know how to load it. You just hold the bolt handle with the palm of your right hand, as hickok45 had shown. But bruh, just imagine a garand with a fucking forward assist. That’s ridiculous
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    @Oktokolo > "It is a nice rifle"

    It is. I have had the opportunity to shoot a lot of different firearms (50 cal BMG, full autos, etc), and I'd say the Garand was my favorite. Its big, heavy, and damn accurate. There is a reason why the US military picked that rifle.
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    @PaperTrail omg! Did you try a mosin nagant? If so, what’s your opinion on it?
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    @kiki > "Did you try a mosin nagant?"

    I have one in my closet. Bought it for $50, bought almost a thousand rounds (~$75 at the time the ammo was almost given away) and haven't fire a single round yet.

    "I should take this one out....but there is my AR....sad...lonely...AR it is."

    Friend says it kicks like a mule. Not as bad as a Mauser, but not as accurate. I don't know what he used as a benchmark. He's one of those guys who shoots at 300+ yards, so my definition of 'accuracy' is probably different than his.

    I hit the target...my weapon is accurate.

    He has half-inch grouping at 300 yards "This weapons is a POS!!!"
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