My bank created a "new and improved" banking app asking me to take a selfie after first sending them a picture of my id.
I am already a customer of the bank, they have a copy of my id, why do they also want a selfie?
Also with the old banking app I could just call them from my phone number (which they also have) and they confirmed it was me over the phone by asking 2 questions and then provided me with a code to just enable the app on my personal phone.

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    Send them a dick pic. That will show them who's boss.
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    @Sid2006 I wonder what they will use it for
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    To compare to id maybe? I dunno. Was this back to back with ID request?
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    > Send them a dick pic instead

    I love devRant
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    Mine recently told me "hey, we're upgrading our systems! All those extra safety features you love? Say goodbye!" so there's definitely shenanigans going on overall.
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    @Demolishun I really hope they actually have decent software to compare my selfie with my id photo
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    @Parzi inb4 "we'd added 2FA and made everything even less secure!"
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    TBF caller IDs can be spoofed right?

    That being said a picture in modern times is not a good verification of anything either
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    @Tonnoman I didn't know caller ids can be spoofed.
    How is it that picture verification (taken with a smartphone though their bank app) isn't enough though?
    Normally no one but me has access to my face
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    @gitstashio yeah but others have pictures, and AI generated images are also a thing
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