On call part 3: I'M BACK ON THE CAL FROM YESTERDAY FOR THE LAST 6.5 HOURS AND THEY'RE JUST DOING WHAT I TOLD THEM TO DO YESTERDAY. Is it because I'm female? Does having boobs mean I don't know how ssl works and that I can't possibly know about networks? I'm seriously about to just hang up and tell them to deal with it on their own.

Cup is there because it expresses my mood.

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    yay, so much fun... 🙄😧😧😧
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    I am looking forward on the next few days... for your rants of course. On a different note that is plain stupid. I hope for a future where we all can be equals.... maybe it will happen soon. Have faith sister...
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    Hm.. Wonder if it's some cave man thing to be ignorant towards women.. :shrugs:

    Personally I'm more inclined towards prioritizing and listening to what women says..

    Postponing women's queries tends to backfire way more often from my observations.
    Plus it goes against how I'm raised.
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    Answer to your questions is yes. They do think that because you are a female.

    As stupid and arrogant that sounds week minded people (men) will always look you condescendingly just because your a female who is much more smarter then them.

    I recently read a story where a boss and his coworker (female) switched email signatures as they share the same email address and he was shocked at the responses he got (questing everything he wrote, explaining stuff to him like he was 5, etc) where as what ever his coworker wrote the clients excepted as if it was written​ by God himself.

    Sadly that is the kind of world we are living in.

    Keep strong and move on. Someone will appreciate you for your skills and not question them because of your gender.
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    @gacbl basically that's what I envision when I think of cavemen in an office.

    Men feeling belittled because a woman is smarter than them, thus resorting to talking down to her.. To soothe their fragile ego, I guess.

    Honestly, I have some trouble fully understanding it.
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    @taylorviktorya you did all you can, you are not responsible for them getting all cringed and inferior because of your knowledge which you most likely had to work very hard for it. Get yourself a nice cup filled with peace and quiet and flavor, go outside, scream out your lungs what kind of shitfaced dicks you have to deal with, wishing them to go to hell and rot there... Go back inside, and just cobtinue your good work. You're worth a lot more then those guys would even be able to conceive.
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    @gacbl that's fucked up, but I'm laughing. This call lasted 12 hours because some other high up dude didn't agree, ignored all the evidence, and made everyone start over before I found the "remove from call" option. It's going to be my new bff
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    @FintinaM I'm done being on call at 2100 pdt tomorrow. But we're on call every few weeks so the story will continue
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    @lotd yup. I stopped fucking around, though. I found that (other than booting people off the call) if i just keep talking over them, they have to shut up because they lose their train of thought.

    I might be a bit passive aggressive. But I don't care. Don't get in my way of doing my job.
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    @taylorviktorya what is considered passive aggressive or just aggressive for a woman is seen as bossy/normal applied to men in the workplace... Fucked up world we live in... You are not aggressive, just making your job actually
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    @elgamine I say passive aggressive because it's one step down from me physically assaulting people through the phone. Not sure if that's the real definition of passive aggressive, but that's my definition lol
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    @ThatDude no clue. Mom got it for me. Probably Amazon, though
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