I'm 20, and I consider myself to be as junior as they come. I only started programming seriously in June 2016,and since then, I've been doing mainly Android Work, and making my own servers and backends(using AWS/Firebase nd stuff).
For the first time in life, I was approached by a recruiter for a company on linkedIn. They "stumbled upon" my Github profile and wanted to see if I was interested in an internship opportunity. This company is an early stage start up, by that I mean a dude with an idea calling himself the CEO and a guy who "runs a tech blog" and only knows college level C programming (explaination follows).

So they want me to make the app for their startup. and for that, I ws first asked to solve a couple problems to prove my competence and a "technical interview" followed.
They gave me 3 questions, all textbook, GCD of 2 numbers, binary search and Adding an element to the linked List, code to be written on a piece of paper. As the position was that of an Android Developer, I assumed that Java should be the language of choice. Assumed because when I asked, the 'tech blogger' said, yeah whatever.
But wait, that ain't all, as soon as I was done, Mr. Blogger threw a fit, saying I shouldn't assume and that I must write it in C. I kept my cool (I'm not the most patient person), and wrote the whole thing in C.
He read it, and asked me what I've written and then told me how wrong I was to write 2 extra lines instead of recursion for GCD. I explained that with numbers large enough, we run the risk of getting a stackoverflow and it's best to apply non recursive solution if possible. He just heard stackoverflow and accused me of cheating. I should have left right then, but I don't know why, I apologized and again, in detail explained what was happening to this fucktard. Once this was done, He asked me how, if I had to, I'd use this exact code in my Android App. I told him that Id rather write this in Java/Kotlin since those are the languages native to Android apps. I also said that I'd export these as a Library and use JNI for the task. (I don't actually know how, I figured I can study if I have to).
Here's his reply, "WTF! We don't want to make the app in Java, we will use C (Yeh, not C++, C). and Don't use these fancy TOOLS like JNI or Kotlin in front of me, make a proper application."
By this I was clear that this guy is not fit to be technical lead and that I should leave. I said, "Sir, I don't know how, if even possible, can we make an Android App purely in C. I am sorry, but this job is not for me".
I got up and was about to leave the room, when we said, "Yeah okay, I was just testing you".
Yeah right, the guy's face looked like a howling monkey when I said Library for C, and It has been easier for me to explain code to my 10 year old cousin that this dumbfuck.
He then proceeded to ask me about my availability, and I said that I can at max to 15-20 hours a week since my college schedule is pretty tight. I asked me to get him a prototype in 2 months and also offered me a full time job after I graduate. (That'd be 2 years from now). I said thank you for the offer, but I am still not sure of I am the right person for this job.
He then said, "Oh you will be when I tell you your monthly stipend."
I stopped for a second, because, money.
And then he proceeded to say 2 words which made me walk out without saying a single word.
"One Thousand".

I live in India, 1000 INR translates to roughly $15. I made 25 times that by doing nothing more than add a web view to an activity and render a company's responsive website in it so it looks like an app.

If this wasn't enough, the recruiter later had the audacity to blame me for it and tell me how lucky I am to even get an offer "so good".
Fuck inexperienced assholes trying shit they don't understand and thinking that the other guy is shitsworth.

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    This is also the main reason I changed my username here. If they can find me on LinkedIn from my Github handle, I think I'm better off with a different name on devRant.
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    @doomsday i love your new nickname 👌 right choice
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    @karma thanks! I ws actually amazed that it's available 🤣
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    @doomsday first lol 😄😄😄 me too
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    Well. Next time just walk out when they ask you to write a GCD on paper.
    Huge warning sign right there and then.
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    @doomsday Teach me how to play osu! with a mouse so well
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    @magicMirror sadly that's the scene in India. Most companies take interviews in a similar manner. Even after a few coding rounds on a platform, you'll be expected to write code, not pseudocode, on a paper. University exams consist of similar questions too. Mine is one of the few universities which take programming tests and exams on Online platforms like hackerrank.
    Believe it or not, this is opposed by a lot of students because the questions actually expect you to solve a problem, and not just give a crammed answer.
    Yep, students here cram up the code.
    Then again, the previous semester, our university had such a shitty online platform, it didn't record our answers but gave us a message saying test completed. (everyone failed), the second time, the question itself was wrong and we had no way of fixing it. Thankfully the awful faculty listened to us this time and a retest was taken.
    Education in India is a business, and a shit one at that.
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    @doomsday Yea. Totally agree with the way they handle education in India. Cramming is a norm here, no wonder people cry that most of the the graduates can't code. The system should be reviewed.
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    @doomsday No idea why you got downvoted. I've heard the same thing so many times. Must be too many people unable to hear their country criticised. Good on you for not being so blindly proud.
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    @doomsday Hmmm. I knew India produced some bad coders, but I did not know that the process started at the education level.
    We here have a similar problem, where Uni's produce grads that can't code for shit - but that is true around the world. Uni's can't teach you to code. I'm not sure what can
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