I was searching for an app, look what I found:
A devRanter!

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    Whoa! It's me! Are you interested in my apps?
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    @Gianlu Yes, I am! I was looking for an app to control aria2 on my Pi. Yours (Aria2App) looks and works better than the apps from other developers. Simple, yet informative. It's not often that you find an app that perfectly fits what you're trying to do, thanks!

    I also love the "log files" option in the settings menu :)
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    This is the coolest rant, @dfox should be proud!
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    @AlgoRythm and @trogus, of course, for making these awesome avatars!
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    Hey I remember that guy
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    I've been thinking of downloading my movies on osmc before watching them instead of streaming but couldn't bother with the ssh client on my phone and transmission on the pi.

    After I read what this does.. it's perfect for me. But I still can't make it work. Connection is ok I think, but in the app I can't add a torrent via the search. When I click one of the trending searches it just tells me Search failed.

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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    devRant magical moment! This is awesome!
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    @DirtyBit Update to version 2.3.2. The issue is now fixed. The site I'm using for the search changed its pages.
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    @DirtyBit do I know you?
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    @Gianlu Nope I just remember your name
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