Use a Mac they said.
No annoying update they said.

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    Ubuntu is working fine on a MacBook, no need to miss it.
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    @marcom MacOS is required by my new employer. So I'm stuck here.

    I like it though, just people lie when they said mac is perfect.
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    @jens-peter to mess with you guys on devRant 😂😂
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    The only issue I have with mac is the damned update reminder. There needs to be an option to ignore it for months at a time.
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    @thedev I've been using OSX as main OS for more than 10 years (before I used Debian). I love it and I think you eventually will to. But it's far from perfect. There's no perfect OS. Anybody saying there's a perfect OS is lying or is a stupid fanboy
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    @dontbeevil I'm an Apple user (only computers, I don't like iphones at all) and I admit it. OSX also freezes from time to time. Windows too (fortunately not as much as 20 years ago). GNU/Linux too.
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    @jordinebot idk, I love my deepin os rn. It is the macOS I don't have. It is perfect. Being Linux it adds another layer optional personalization.
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    For me I came into conclusion that either buy good hardware or just use Linux since it is lightweight compared to other OS's

    I've always hated Windows until I got an SSD. Hate mac a lot because of its random freezes, though I saw it on an SSD and it just felt right.

    Bottom line here is, fast hardware reduces freeze time a lot. As for crashes I never faced a crash ever since I used Windows 7+, for mac it crashed couple of times but Linux never
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    @bhedia yep, if you love customization a lot then OSX is not for you lol.
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    The only perfect os is the one you build yourself from scratch. It's fairly easy.
    Step 1: start coding.
    Step 2: use it
    It may take some time though...
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    @jordinebot lol, yeah. I don't seek customisation but the option is surely welcome.
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    At least it makes your decide when you're applying the updates. But yeah last few years updates take longer and longer to apply.
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    And it was only $99.99!
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    @dontPanic It can be a trap for those fixing issues off comments on Ubuntu Community. I tried i3wm with Arch. The moment it was 'perfect' and I started some work related thing, something broke and it was another trip to the figurative garage. Great way to learn though. Can be tedious for those who don't mind little compromises.
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    @bhedia yup. I was talking about something more hardcore like LFS but I get your point xD
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    @dontPanic That's too hardcore. xD Also, I have a soft spot for the sheer aesthetics of Mac and it's battery life. I have a MSI so...
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    @dontbeevil True that. The closest laptop to a Mac design is the Razer's line of laptops. If I am not gaming, I can't justify that price point. Otherwise, HP Omen is beautiful in my opinion.
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