Just wondering if heading to a burnout is common among us.
I had some responsabilities in releasing an application for the humanitarian comunity last year. Quite important if you realise it can help to save lives in Palestine and Syria, so I was very motivated to succeed.
Unfortunately my manager, a former developer, could not admit we needed time to integrate devs, test, etc...
So I ended up chronically lacking sleep, like few ours per day and no sleep the week end.
... and i finaly just jumped on the first other job I saw to make sure I would not fail my life miserably under a train, because life is not worth it when you don't sleep.
Did you or someone near you experienced that?

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    I’m there, but it’s self caused. I have some serious insomnia so I’ve been sleeping maybe 3-5 hours for every 48-72 hours I’m awake. I do get a lot done though!
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    Good luck then. It s not a life!
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