Me: "sorry boss I have a burnout, I don't feel to..."
Boss: "which part of the project you can't do?"
Me: "is a burnout, I can't go..."
Boss: "cmon it's easy!"
Me: "..."
8 months without proper holidays produce this.

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    Me: "If it's easy do you want to do it? Because I need a break."

    For real though i would just tell him you need a break. And if he won't acknowledge that, go to HR.
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    @projektaquarius yeah, that's what I've done... Went to hr
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    @projektaquarius Ig this is my inner asshole speaking, but I would've been like "Since it's so fucking easy, why don't you just march your candy ass right on in there and code it yourself. That's right! You cant. So why don't you shut the fuck up calling shit you have no fucking idea how to do easy, and I'll see you in a fucking week. Or never again if you fire me. Either way, I'm fucking going on vacation."

    Needless to say, I've got anger issues I need to calm down before I get a job. 🤷
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    @jhh2450 it comes with age, bad jobs, and therapy. Drinking and anti-depressants help too.
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    What's an hr btw?
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    @Plexus Thanks :)
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    My Australopithecus-AfriCUNTus of a boss has denied me leave for the past three years. Today he took leave again to go play some golf.

    I will not be in at work on Tuesday.
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    I feel ya :(
    I've not had a proper holiday, or worked less than a 50hour week, in over 10 years.
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    @projektaquarius Wow, where are you working that acknowledges that burnout is even a thing that exists!?
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    @garrwolfdog it's not so much that they acknowledge it exists per se. They just treat vacation time as part of their compensation package so not allowing people to take vacation is tantamount to not paying them.
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