Back then it was for kids. Today i think it wil be torture for them.

Ps my first language was assembly (not judging)

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    It's still for kids then, only used in the opposite way, as a punishment instead of a reward.
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    Is that a light theme editor? That's torturous on it's own ...
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    @rusty-hacker And is that a pint? A sandwich and beer, the perfect refreshments for young Assembler programmers.
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    @Alt-Grrr I had a Sinclair too, a ZX Spectrum with those rubbery keys. And yes, I also started out with BASIC. Although the B stands for "Beginners'", it is not really a good language for beginners. You're constrained to a limited set of commands, the performance is (or at least was back then) poor and one tends to learn very bad habits like using GOTO n or, like in AMOS, even worse GOTO <variable> *shrugging*.

    If I'd go back to those days and learn programming all over, I'd go with C. Sure, the inital learning curve is steeper, but once you'r past that it is actually more pedagogical and also more fun.
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    I mean, the Compaq 286 Portable Pro has a handle. Phones don't have a handle. So....
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    I would have loved to be born back then
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