This is kinda funny even if the picture is in Swedish. When Avast requires the computer to restart and you can let Avast to remind you to reboot about 10 mins, 1 hour, 4 hours, 6 hours, tomorrow, next week or the best of all - next century, WOW!!
Maybe something Microsoft should implement in their Windows Update?

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    The only bad thing is that Avast has gotten really crappy. It installs bloatware, spams you constantly with "limited time deals", enables sending your information to them even though you have disabled that feature, etc.

    I uninstalled it a few months back because I finally had enough of it. I don't regret that!
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    @h3ll 'skjut upp' either means postpone or launch (as in rocket) which sort of says something about Sweden, I guess...
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    @obeq hehe, it's funny when words don't translate well to other languages. When using the word in Swedish there's no way to confuse the two though.

    "Vi måste skjuta upp uppskjutningen av raketen" means: We must postphone the rocket launch.
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