Job hunt update:

- Rejected by one via email
- Applying to two more today
- Ghosted (?) by the other 5 so far

but hey, it's only been over two weeks for those 5 others! why should i expect efficiency from a company that wants a TeN X DeVeLoPeR? I'll bring my decade+ experience and you can just get around to it... you know, when you feel like!


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    They asked for 10x not 10y 🤷‍♂️

    Keep on the hussle train!
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    I once told a company looking for a 10x developer that I'd do it for only 5x my current salary.

    I got no response.
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    What is this new “10x” bullshit symbol?
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    Don’t forget to apply to the “XYZ ninja” dev jobs too
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    @ostream a very healthy, logical, and amazing system we have

    what a time to be alive
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