Not just another Windows rant:

*Disclaimer* : I'm a full time Linux user for dev work having switched from Windows a couple of years ago. Only open Windows for Photoshop (or games) or when I fuck up my Linux install (Arch user) because I get too adventurous (don't we all)

I have hated Windows 10 from day 1 for being a rebel. Automatic updates and generally so many bugs (specially the 100% disk usage on boot for idk how long) really sucked.

It's got ads now and it's generally much slower than probably a Windows 8 install..

The pathetic memory management and the overall slower interface really ticks me off. I'm trying to work and get access to web services and all I get is hangups.

Chrome is my go-to browser for everything and the experience is sub par. We all know it gobbles up RAM but even more on Windows.

My Linux install on the same computer flies with a heavy project open in Android Studio, 25+ tabs in Chrome and a 1080p video playing in the background.

Up until the creators update, UI bugs were a common sight. Things would just stop working if you clicked them multiple times.

But you know what I'm tired of more?

The ignorant pricks who bash it for being Windows. This OS isn't bad. Sure it's not Linux or MacOS but it stands strong.

You are just bashing it because it's not developer friendly and it's not. It never advertises itself like that.

It's a full fledged OS for everyone. It's not dev friendly but you can make it as much as possible but you're lazy.

People do use Windows to code. If you don't know that, you're ignorant. They also make a living by using Windows all day. How bout tha?

But it tries to make you feel comfortable with the recent bash integration and the plethora of tools that Microsoft builds.

IIS may not be Apache or Nginx but it gets the job done.

Azure uses Windows and it's one of best web services out there. It's freaking amazing with dead simple docs to get up and running with a web app in 10 minutes.

I saw many rants against VS but you know it's one of the best IDEs out there and it runs the best on Windows (for me, at least).

I'm pissed at you - you blind hater you.

Research and appreciate the things good qualities in something instead of trying to be the cool but ignorant dev who codes with Linux/Mac but doesn't know shit about the advantages they offer.

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    What if I have a different reason for blindly hating it but you might not agree with that reason? Would you still be pissed at me? And thanks @Torbuntu, fully agree. @Letmecode, although I only only downvote in worst-case scenario's, I would understand why you'd downvote although I am not going to do it myself. I just want the OP to respond to my comment and see what their answer is :).
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    Hoping that OR will comment/reply soon. :)
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    Most of the Linux apps work on Windows too. I mean definitely you can use Apache and Nginx on Windows.
    It's more about kernel features like drivers, filesystem support (ext4,HFS,NTFS,xfs), Malloc/memory management, granular arch opts, full networking access(to hardware) and everything else.

    Those are the things you don't get by using bash on Windows or a VM. Hence why, for example, disk access is crazy slow in those situations unless your Host OS is Linux!
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    @Torbuntu I completely agree!

    For some of us, Windows just doesn't offer the productivity that Linux does.

    But the point is it may for someone else.

    The whole point of the rant is against people not Windows itself
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    @linuxxx You can!

    But that's not the point of the rant.

    In multiple places, I've mentioned it's a rant against the people who mindlessly curse Windows (and the people who use them) because they don't know shit about Linux but use it because it's cool :/
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    @xsacha while all you said is true, but you still missed the point of the rant

    It's against the people!
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    @Letmecode okay, my message wasn't clear

    I don't need to wipe my arse with sandpaper. Read on.

    The whole point of the rant wasn't Windows bashing. Okay, maybe a little.

    It's the pointless hate against Windows. Of course, Linux is better for some. But not for others.

    I'm talking about the mindless jerks who hate it for being Windows.

    Like you said, you would rather use a better tool for the job. Mate, so do I.

    But that doesn't make Windows bad. It's just not that well suited for dev work. Again, for some.

    The point that I forgot to write was I've seen people who use Windows for dev being treated as inferior.

    It's a preference and this Windows bashing (and people using Windows bashing) needs to stop.

    Also, do take a look at the last paragraph of the OP. It's about the ignorant haters.

    Hope it's clear :)
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    @kalolparty For me its the principle of living in an age of mass surveillance, companies being forced to build in backdoors in closed source products (in the UK there is now a law which requires the makers of software to submit a technical overview of their apps before publishing and build in backdoor functionalities if required by the govt) and then windows/apple don't show their source code. Sorry but both those OS's can go fuck themselves.I don't have any good word left for either Microsoft or Windows. Yes, Linux could be forced to build a backdoor in as well. But it's open source so it would be noticed quick as fuck
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    @linuxxx Either Microsoft or apple*
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    @JellyWX @JellyWX Thank for such a well thought out response.

    90% of the people in my uni use Windows for dev and most of them are great programmers.

    Microsoft has messed up Windows big time though.

    Windows devs do ignore Linux and Mac.

    Could you explain the "languages that are not suited at all (like C# I believe)"?

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    @linuxxx You know what? That freaks me out too!

    The first thing I do when I do a clean install is disable all those tracking services which apparently improve my user experience.

    Despite that, I'm pretty sure they're still tracking us.

    While you're talking about the government, I share concerns over these private companies tracking us for their own use.
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    @kalolparty the thing is that I don't believe that turning off those tracking services does anything until I see the actual source code.

    Of course they are (trying to) track(ing) us! And that's why I use as many tools as possible to prevent that to the extend I can. I am talking both government/companies :).
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    @kalolparty in case you fuck up your arch install another time try out knoppix instead of windows 😎
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    Agreed. Windows 10 (and 8,and arguably 7) sucks but Microsoft is pretty awesome nowadays. Remember the time when windows XP came out? Then it was the other way around 😁 although visual studio was always awesome. And who says ms/windows is not dev friendly? (they are)
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    I use Windows for work and play and the only time it holds me back is when I type `ls` in command prompt. But they're switching it to default to PowerShell so I'm golden.

    Windows sometimes annoys me, but you know what? So did Linux when I used to use it. iOS is the worst but I won't go there...the os is just a tool and you use the tool most appropriate for your needs. Stop the damn hate.
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    @sha-i See your point. Although I don't entirely agree (can explain it but either you already know that or it might start some kinda argument), good thing is that MS ported C# to all three major platforms (Linux, OSX, Windows) through .net core! (@jpichardo you agree with me on this one I hope?)
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    @sha-i You'll probably prefer bash on Windows (it's in windows store now) rather than PowerShell if you are using things like `ls'
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    I can agree with your OP. I'm a dev myself and windows does the job for me. Maybe some poor memory management and such but, it's not like it holds back my productivity.

    I hear people complain about crashing and other issues, but, I must say, I really don't have any issues with it. Everything runs fine. I had some issues in the past, but that was just with the old 'driver installation' hasle and the read-only settings from the early days. Now everything works mostly out of the box.

    If you know how to treat windows as an os, it's really great and user friendly for everything.

    I also have a macbook with OS X, a laptop with Elementary OS and a desktop with Debian for my server stuffs. So i'm comfortable with multiple os's, but windows is still my goto I guess..
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    @linuxxx @sha-i I agree with both, the OS is a tool, the kind of yool u want is up to urself only, and yeah bro .net core is awesome and so is powershell on linux, i stick to bash tho,
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    @vadimir unfortunately can't install Debian based distros because the install has an issue with my video card (Intel HD 4400)

    Will try Knoppix, thanks!
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    @sha-i haha I too type 'ls' so many times in CMD!

    Say, you have any tips for powershell? I'm trying to learn so I'm not handicapped on a new machine while I wait for bash to install
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    I gotta say, I have used all three flavors of operating systems mentioned here and currently use windows. I never understand why people bash on windows the few times I do hear it.

    Perhaps I'm just not that far along yet to care about the things that people find lacking in windows. Or maybe I'm just most comfortable in windows because I have used since always.

    I do miss the various package managers available in Linux and Mac like homebrew though.

    That said, I find MacOS to be far to cumbersome to use. Things like moving around and snapping windows is not at all flexible and I find that MacOs as a operating system, while simple for other tasks did not offer me much for development but greatly restricted my speed and movement around the OS, it's windows and its file directories.

    I would like to ask the good people here weather it is the windows OS itself that they dislike, or rather the underlying mechanics and kernel.
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