I'm starting to get annoyed with Android Studio. I generally enjoy it as far as an ide goes, but why does it need to update so often??? Seriously it feels like every time I open it I get a notification saying to update something or other.

On a somewhat related note but not actually Android Studio's fault, I have decided that IdeaVim sucks. It's good sometimes, but it can't keep up with my keystrokes, so I end up with random characters in my code because even though I hit "jj" (remapped to ESC) then start typing other commands, I end up with the next command being read as still in insert mode, then it catches up with the escape and pops me back to normal mode. It drives me crazy because then I have to go back and undo the extra characters, then redo my command and it kills my flow. I'm not even that fast of a typist, it shouldn't be that hard to keep up...

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