The best time to buy bitcoin was when it was released

The second best time was a few years ago when it was only like $200/btc

The third best time was probably last year before they went up 650% in value

The worst time is apparently whenever I buy in

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    Hey mate,

    Bitcoin is such a volatile currency that you never know. I invested right before the last crash earlier this month, and it has paid off relatively well.

    It’s like a long term investment, where it rebounds over and over. But then again, that’s just my experience :)

    Try getting into some newer currencies like Ethereum?
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    @anishagnihotri i considered buying dome etherium too due to how it correlates with BTC, but I dont make a whole lot lol setting up one secure wallet was painful enough. I had planned to drop a *small* amount each paycheck into BTC until we hit like 500k ea, but that's years away if at all possible
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    @anishagnihotri yo you feel Indian, is it legal there ?
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    You'll have a good time investing in probably next couple of weeks as after reaching 5000$ a correction will take place.
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    @sam9669 it's neither legal nor illegal according to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
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    @AkshatB yeah that's confusing me, can you mine them or not ?
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    Hey I, I’m Indian but not living in India at the moment - in Canada, so it is good. In India it is sort of like a borderline thing so I’ve heard.
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    @sam9669 you can mine them , trade them but just make sure to report the profits on your income tax filing.
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    Look up dollar-cost averaging. It's perfect for such a volatile asset.

    If you cba I can explain.

    Just only buy what you can afford to lose.
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