Notice how the Apple code samples have moved from the very well designed Objective C to a mature Swift... (sorry, typo, manure Swift) Swift 1.0, wait 2.0, no hold on 3.0, oh yea 4.0. It's a moving target for their developers with code samples all over the place...

Once Swift stabilizes, sure, ok, force everyone and everything to change (seriously?).

Apple, why the FUCK do you think we want to deal with your beta crap forced down our throat? Its bad enough the language is an inconsistent illogical mess but having to come along with you for the 'we-don't-have-a-clue-what-we-are-doing' ride is utter bullshit. Leave the GOD DAMN Objective C samples up for crying out loud.

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    Not sure how you can complain about moving to swift. It is a modern language and finally makes developing for iOS/OSX less cryptic.
    Only thing I can think of is you spent ages learning objc and now not so useful and kids can pick up this new language easily and compete for jobs.

    Not too much difference between swift 3 and 4. We just switched from objc to swift at work since it is stable enough nowadays.
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    Uh, "Objective-C" and "well designed" are words certainly not common to see together!
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    There's another option :)
    Xamarin C#. You'll have an Android and Windows app at the same time
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    This rant makes me feel bad for choosing swift as my first language to learn
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    @bcye you shouldn't feel bad swift is awesome
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    @xsacha I know a dozen assembly languages, FORTRAN, SmallTalk, Object Pascal, C, C++ Objective C and a plethora of others. Swift is the messiest thing I have run through a compiler.

    I started programming in 1981 on a computer I built with a soldering iron and a bag of resisters, chips, capacitors, and bare boards. I not only embrace change, Ms Change is my bitch!

    It is not about change or learned dependencies... Apple could have done it right but instead put a bunch of rookies on the task and came up with a half assed language that pales in comparison to even HyperCard or AppleScript (both elegant and easy to the point of trivial).

    Swift... gimme my god damn BB gun and I'll take care of that bird.
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