There was once this customer, which wanted a project done. It was for around 2/3 weeks of work. The arranged cost was 500€, but when I said how long I'll need, he said:
No. I need it done in 5 days. Every day over, I deduct 50€ from the payment.
I was out of the building in less than a minute.
Fuck this type of customers.

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    @dev-ant should he edit it to say 2-3 weeks worth of work or will that also trigger that nagging troll in your mind?
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    @AlexDeLarge You make 250 bucks a day?! Let me be your personal assistant please! :P
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    @AlexDeLarge That's honestly impressive, and I'm proud of you! Nicely done sir
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    @AlexDeLarge Aren't you @Letmecode?
    You changed your username, right?
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    Maybe because you're charging what is evidently considered chump-change by don't here, you're dealing with chump change customers.

    Next time your mention a number, double it and let yourself be negotiated down no more than 15%.
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    @penderis ...b-but... 2-3 = -1
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    @corjaantje 250€ a day means 30€ per hour.

    Enterprises ask way more to their clients.
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    $100/hour is my absolute minimum, for longer-term projects. 2-3 weeks would be at least $10,000 if it's a fixed price project.

    But to the point, deducting for taking longer? They should pay bloody extra but it's almost guaranteed to be their fault.
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    @dev-ant yes. There is. In a small amount of situations
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    You could just accept the deal, and do nothing. He wouldn't be able to threaten not to pay you after 15 days.
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