Worst dev advice?

My first manager said, "You're young and single. You don't have a family. You should spend all of your waking hours on work."

Me thinking, "I understand the importance of extra effort the first few years but I do have a life. One that I intend to enjoy."

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    Definitely not an "advice"...and definitely not a subtle attempt to squeeze you out
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    Investing more time rarely leads to more productivity. The amount of hours you can be truly productive as a developer is kind of hard capped.

    You can tweak it by alternating thinking and writing, by working on something which motivates you, by working in a distraction free environment, but even then it's difficult to squeeze out more than 8h a day.
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    Your manager is jealous :D
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    WORK HARDER! Your bosses' yacht won't pay for itself, so go make his day by pouring your life into work!
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    Very accurate translation @purrcat :P
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    Had a couple bosses like this. And I'm NOT single and doing nothing else. @purrcat, shortly after I quit my last job (because I wasn't getting paid enough) and trained my replacement the boss did go out and buy a huge boat. So much for him saying he couldn't pay me more.
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    windows: cant uninstall because program is still running
    me: *opens task manager* ITS NOT RUNNING
    windows: cant uninstall because program is still running

    for gods sake, ill just restart the fucking computer
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    @nickj maybe it's running as a service
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    @Kamaropoulos true, didnt check but lmao i already restarted my computer
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    Yolo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @nickj
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    My boss told me the same...
    Wanted me to do extra hours while I was studying at night.
    (A few days before tried to force me to quit class... Like a 2 year formation that got me this job...)
    Cause of that prick I flunked two times, did impossible exams (for a student, even other teachers told me they would never pass) and didn't got top grades cause of missing class (no matter the grade I only got the minimum). Could be the best of my class and got a burn out out of it... Two years ago, still not well.
    When I confronted him (telling him I was sick cause of his fault) he told me I just had to work more...
    Just waiting for the time he does it again to other that won't mind making a complaint... I didn't cause this is the best molding company in the area...
    Basically he committed crimes in the name of the company, if I made a complaint the company could close till the investigation is over
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    At least that boss wasn't sitting next to you, while watching a video explaining how to use employees like money digging goblins, like I previously said on a rant.
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    That's what a master says to his slaves...
    Don't worry, Deneris is coming
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    Screw that guy. I'm single, young and not a slave. If you want me to work extra hours for no more pay then I'll just start my own company.
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    Ouch... good advice would be “you’re young and single, fix that second part before the first part breaks”
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