"Don't use git, it is too complicated and we don't have time for this."

2 days later the same person made changes directly on the FTP which I later unknowingly overwrote.
Take that you imbecile!

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    "unknowingly"...right, I guess that's one way to get a point across 😅
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    @KidLaser Well we had this project "shared" over Dropbox, but he thought that it's clever to fix something only on the FTP folder, not in Dropbox... 😉
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    @PonySlaystation oh I see haha, but yeah I see where git totally could have saved you guys the headache. I mean you think the dude would've at least given you a heads up on the new change if you weren't using a vcs...well I guess that's what happens when you put cavemen in tech. Haha git gud boi!
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    @KidLaser he was my boss 😂
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    I think we may have had the same boss! No Git, FTP directly to production. No staging space either. It was a nightmare that had us shouting across the room to one another ”Anybody working on file X? You are? Shit okay. Tell me when you're done and have uploaded, I need to make some edits".
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    I think you did it on purpose to teach them a lesson, you were lying about not knowing:p
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    @DeadInside i can so relate to this lol!
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    Dropbox?? What madness is this
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    I once thought Git is useless, but since i discovred the real power of git i slammed my head over the keyboard ! I can't start any project without intiating git
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    I don't understand how engineers that developp software can think that git is complicated. How do they even manage to solve their coding problems if they struggle with git?
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    Unfortunately i don't think that git would have saved you. You used dropbox as your version control.. That idiot made an edit on a deployed code. Wouldn't make a difference if that was git instead of dropbox
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    @PonySlaystation totally off-topic but your username is very good. Swapping two letters and it still makes sense. Genius!
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    @Siddharthkr93 thx mate! well, I have to admit I kind of stole the idea from some random dude in a CoD MW2 round... 😉
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